It’s great to be back

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It’s a beautiful night, and it’s great to be back here at the Niseko Onsen Resort. We absolutely love the place and food, but what makes our trip here perfect every time, is the people. They remember our likes and preferences, anticipate our needs, look into every detail, know the right moment to attend to us and when not to disturb. Just like a good old friend – You don’t have to say much, and they just know.

We eat and drink everyday, and occasionally, we go on a vacation. All these, are supposed to, make us happy. On a vacation, we look forward to our new adventures and create memorable experiences with our travel partner(s). On a meal out, or a drink at the cafe, the thought of savouring our perfect dish and sipping the soulful beverage fills our heart with anticipation. All we imagine, is a positive experience. This puts the role of service staff in the most important seat as they will be the ones to determine the outcome of their guests’ experience. It is a privilege role, which has the power to make a difference – to lighten a bad day, or to make a normal day wonderful. There are countless approaches to effective customer service, but the most essential of all, is sincerity.

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