Letting go

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Everyone has some form of emotional baggage. The way we deal with them define who we are. At some point, we want to let go of the negativity that had burdened us and made us weary for a long time, but fear whispers, “don’t let go” – We don’t want to be vulnerable, to be off guard again.

Yet, how long do we want to be controlled by these negative experience and fear? By not letting go, we drown ourselves in painful memories. It’s time to make a decision today, to break free. Take a moment to reflect and identify the very things that weigh us down. One way is to write them on paper and throw them into the bin! Another important part of letting go, is to acknowledge how we have grown from this experience, and constantly inject positive thoughts into our recovering minds.

When we have managed to do the above, we will view the world with fresh eyes, and  feel what’s truly around us with peaceful hearts. Take care.

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