What will this day be like?

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“Be happy!”. You’re told.

Let’s face it. Sometimes, it’s really hard to be happy. And when life throws us upside down, and mess our mind up, whoever say this to us really doesn’t know what we have been through then. It has been said that happiness does not depend on what happens to us, but how we think and feel about those things or events. And how we think and feel about them may be based on tons of our very own complicated equations. When we are stuck in it, there are many hurdles to cross, and it can be hard to get out.

Yet, a moment of happiness can be attained, just by a smile. And a smile may lead to another, and many more smiles. To those who can, bring a smile with you and spread your joy. It can make a difference to someone, and many others.

What will your day be like today? Hope it is a nice one.


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  1. Emily says:

    Aww, the students are all so cute holding those faces =)
    I have only just discovered this blog, I enjoy reading others blogposts about their sylvanians. (I have a blog too!)

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