One step at a time

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I haven’t played for a very long time. My skills are rusty now. But it’s okay. As long as I work on it, stroke by stroke, step by step, I’ll get better.

Sometimes, we lose touch with a skill we had enjoyed or excelled in. There comes a time many months or years later that we reminisce about our ability to perform that skill. Then one day, we make a brave attempt to get back to it. However, if we expect ourselves to be able to perform at the level of competency we were at, we are likely to end up in disappointment and discouragement.  It is normal to experience difficulty. After all, the body had not been practising. So, let’s tell ourselves, “it’s okay”. As long as we take steps forward, and with constant dosage of positive self-talk, we will get there.

Is there something you would like to get started again? Yes, you can!

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