The Present

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“Mama, I don’t see any present for me under the Christmas tree!”, cried Monke.

“And why are you crying?”

“I want a present, Mama. It will make me happy and let me know that I’m loved.”

“Do you need a present to be happy, and to know that you are loved? Does it mean that a larger and more expensive one tells you how much you are loved too?”

Monke is silent, and his guilty conscience starts to surface.

Mama continues, “A present/gift does not define who we are and our value. It may make us happy for a little while, but this happiness is only temporary. What is more meaningful, is love, and being there for one another. That is the greatest gift of all.” 

Monke listens intently. 

Mama adds, “For me, our family is the best gift I could ever have. I count my blessings every day for you all being in my life.”

Monke realises his best gift has always been by his side. He gives Mama a tight hug and says, “And you, are my best gift, Mama.”


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