The Emotional Bank Account

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“Hey Sheep, what’s that you’re holding?”, asked Mr Beaver.

Mr Sheep replied, “It’s my Emotional Bank Account. It’s a concept by someone named Stephen Covey. He says that, people I come in contact with, deposit and withdraw from it.”

“What do you mean?”, probed Mr Beaver.

“When someone is honest, kind, respectful and keeps commitments, he is depositing into my account and that builds trust in our relationship. The more trust we have, the better we can communicate. On the contrary, when someone is dishonest, disrespectful, breaks promises / commitments or bear grudges, he is withdrawing from from my Emotional Bank Account. Without trust, our relationship will be superficial and will not be satisfying for the both of us. Similar to a financial bank account, the balance of each day gets carried forward to the next, and the next, and so on.”, explained Mr Sheep.

“But I see an exception. In the case of family and close friends, no matter how much withdrawal a person makes, he may still be dearly loved.”, remarked Mr Dormouse.

“Absolutely. We often take loved ones for granted. Some continue to love us regardless of what we have done. There is often a lot of goodwill that holds the relationship together. There aren’t alot of such lovely people in our lives, yet we often neglect their feelings and take their existence for granted.”, replied Mr Sheep. Then he became silent, feeling a little down, seemingly reminded himself of an incident.

The two friends noticed his change of mood, and Mr Dormouse quickly interrupted his thoughts. “Can we make some deposits now? Time for some golf together, perhaps.”

“Of course, buddies.”, said Mr Sheep, feeling consoled.

We are often sensitive to the deposits and withdrawals made to and from our Emotional Bank Account. But are we mindful of the withdrawals we make from others’? And are we making enough deposits? You may be thinking, “Some people are not worthy of my deposits at all! Why should I bother with them?” Well, at the end of the day, it depends on your belief and the relationship you want between you and the other person.

There are thousands and one things happening in our day. Yet, the thing that makes or breaks the day is often the quality of relationships in our lives, and we know our happiness depends largely on it. So, in Stephen Covey’s words, let’s make a conscious effort to make meaningful deposits, and apologize / correct the mistake when we make a withdrawal.

Will your tomorrow be a littler happier? You decide 🙂

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  1. Thy Thy says:

    I want to make a deposit today too! 🙂

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